5th Guernsey Company

For Boys or Girls  year 1 to year 3

We have at present 11 Members who are willing to learn new things and take part in challenges put to them, they are very lively bunch, who do what is asked of them with enthusiasm and excitement.

During the last 12 months our Anchor Section have taken part in various activities including:

Arts and Crafts:

Messing around with anything that can make a mess with, and we generally do.  


We always try to do cooking with the Anchors. The church has had the kitchen updated and we are going to take a food Hygiene course so we are able to use it.

Sporting Activities

We have played football, team games, relay races and parachute games

Outside events

When the weather was fine we managed to get the Anchors out and about in the Garden.  


This usually takes the form  of the program being used at the time, but each  member is encourage to say a prayer, no matter how short.


We are now using the new program material from Headquarters and are always looking forward to challenges ahead.11